Mission Statement

Luna Group LLC strives to be the most awesome partner on this planet in helping you get funding for your business and all of your real estate investment deals.

The Luna Group is ready to help you achieve your real estate investing goals. Our hard money loans are designed for investors that need quick access to capital at competitive interest rates.

Our loans are asset-based and our decisions are logic-based. That means we base our decisions about funding and rates on the perceived risk associated with the property. If you have a property under contract, submit it. Our rates are competitive in the private money market but we save our best rates for our best clients. Get started today to become one of those repeat, best clients! Get a property under contract and submit it!

Do you need funding for your Business? Qualify for Business Funding at 0% for up to 20 months. We’re a Convenient and Hassle-Free Funding Marketplace for Startups & Small Businesses in All 50 States!

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Private Money Lending - How it works.


When you find yourself in a need of funding for a business venture or an investment especially in real estate, a loan like this will be just what you need. Here are some benefits of private real estate loans v.s. a traditional mortgage loans.

  • Fast Funding – If everything goes smoothly, private money loan can take a few days to get funded as oppose to a traditional loan which can take weeks or even months.

  • Flexible Terms – Working with your loan officer on the terms that work for you allows more flexibility to design the loan that serves your situation best.

  • Less Paperwork – Because the loan will secured by an asset rather than the borrower, less paper work and documentation is needed to process the loan.

  • Get Better Deals – Being able to bring fast cash to the table allows for better negotiations and puts you in a position to get better deals.

  • Borrow More Money – Private money lenders can lend up to 100% of the purchase price with no money from your pocket.

  • Easy Loans For Fix & Flip – Unlike traditional mortgage loans, private mortgage lenders love funding Fix & Flip investments.